As a yogi and a poet, my classes focus on cultivating a poetry of the body. We set group intentions before each flow, and each class is designed to enhance the connection between mind, body, and soul. I craft creative sequences that value self-love, playfulness and, above all, joy. I came to yoga two years ago as a way to help overcome a 12-year battle with an eating disorder. My practice and my tribe have been the most important healers in my life. I am impassioned to continue teaching in that spirit. Expect to sweat, smile and uncover parts of yourself you've forgotten about in my classes.

As the social media and marketing director for Lotus House of Yoga, I focus on spreading Lotus' ethereal, high-vibrational spirit across multiple media platforms, focusing specifically on Instagram and Facebook. Samples of my photos and marketing campaigns can be found on these social media sites @lotushouseofyoga and @lotushouseofyogalincoln. 

As a yoga practitioner, breath is my guide and mindfulness my reminder of the intrinsic connections between brain and body. I combine my knowledge of the yoga sutras, Vedantic philosophies, and bell hooks' notion of well-being to enhance my practice as well as emphasize the link between my roles as a writer, teacher, yogi and woman. To follow my yoga journey, please visit my Instagram account @steelecs.